Thursday, March 21, 2013

Mohamed Hamaki - Ana law azeto

Ana Law Azeto (if I had hurt her) 

If i had hurt her what would 
she have done to me more

On the contrary i never 
took half what i gave to her

What does she wants, kill me?
she is relieved while i am hurt

She didn't see anything but tenderness 
and goodness from me

If i had killed someone she knows
would be easier for her to treat me this way

I am afrait that she will know the value 
of what she has when he's gone

anyway it doesn't matter anymore.
i haven't lost anything

Knowing that now makes 
me the winner

It relieves me early
while forgetting about her

Maybe if i continued in that
i will live with regret
[repeat chorus]

If it was my fault, tellme
what have i done wrong?

Its normal to trust the one you love

In short what good will this do her?
i'm done speaking about her

She must have arranged her life 
and living it by now

She doesn't care about anything 
we had between us or any feelings

I am not gonna stop my life. 
the world is full of people
[repeat chorus]

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